A photographer, a father

People always say you'll never know love until you have kids. I could never wrap my head around this. Certainly, there's no one I could ever love more than my wife. Then it happened. My first daughter was born and the world turned upside down. Of course, I still adore my wife but my children have now stolen my heart.

I'm a family man through and through. It's the reason I've transitioned my photography hobby into a small business. I've been taking photographs for over a decade but it wasn't until I had kids that I realized just how beautiful family photography really is. Having been born and raised in Connecticut, I've always cherished the different seasons. Each one adds a unique touch to an image. Pair that with classic New England charm and you're setup for a stunning image.

I currently reside in Newtown, CT with my highschool sweetheart and two girls in a cozy Cape. When I'm not shooting photography you'll find me renovating the cozy Cape, cycling or skiing.